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Columbia Gorge Racing Association- USODA Northwest Opti Championship Results

Results can be found HERE.

2013 WIND Regatta Report and Results

We had a wonderful weekend of sailing this weekend for the WIND Regatta in the Gorge at Columbia Gorge Racing Association in Cascade Lock, OR.

Sailors arrived to winds in the mid to high teens first thing in the morning on Saturday, and it continued to build steadily. By the mid-day race time we had steady winds in the mid-twenties and over the afternoon we experienced gusts into the low 30s. The race committee was able to complete 4 races before it went completely nuclear, and after a welcome break ashore for the sailors, they completed 2 more races as the winds abated slightly before adjourning for dinner.

Sunday brought steady building winds again, but an earlier start time allowed the first couple races to be sailed in the low double digits. The wind quickly built and after 4 races, we had the maximum races allowed in the NOR, and called it a day as the wind returned to the mid to high 20s.

We had a very competitive group of 19 Radials, with the top handful of sailors wrangling for the Smythe qualifier spot. In then end, Hanne Weaver took top honors and is invited to represent Area L at the US Sailing Chubb Smythe Championships in early August.
Top 5 Radial Sailors:
1) Hanne Weaver
2) Eliza Dawson
3) David Brink
4) Talia Toland
5) Jonathan Cannard

We also had a couple full size Lasers who enjoyed surfing the swells, and some 4.7 sailors who braved the winds, some for their first taste of racing in the Gorge.
Full Rig Results
1) Jack Thompson
2) Drew Bennett

4.7 Results
1) Jack Holbrook
2) Caelan Juckniess
3) Chloe Dawson
4) Claire Siegel-Wilson

Complete results can be found here: Results

Thanks to the Race Committee, shore volunteers, and parents who made it all possible. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon for more fun in the Gorge!

Dave Cannard, Vice President
Columbia Gorge Racing Association
433 N. Thompson Street, Portland OR 97227

Bellingham Youth Regatta Aug 10-11

NOR and Registration are now posted for the Bellingham Youth Regatta HERE. The regatta is August 10th-11th on Bellingham Bay hosted by the Bellingham Yacht Club. This regatta will have good fleets of Lasers, Radials, Optis, Open Bics and 29ers. It will also be good practice for upcoming NWISA Singlehanded Champs which will be on Bellingham Bay in September.

If you need any information, or assistance getting up here let me know.

Scott Wilson

Vancouver Lake Regatta Results

NWYRC Overall

Updated overall results can be found HERE. This is a new scoring method, as always please contact us if you have an concerns or issues with the results.

Kitten Cup Results

Bemis NOR

The Bemis Qualifier NOR is available HERE

Please note that this regatta is not a NWYRC regatta. The Smythe Qualifier will be taking place in conjunction with the WIND Regatta.

2013 Northwest Youth Racing Circuit Calendar

1. Kitten Cup April 27-28 (Vancouver, BC) Tine Moberg

2. Vancouver Lake June 29-30 (Vancouver, WA) Dave Cannard

3a. WIND Regatta (NO Opti’s) July 20-21 (Cascade Locks, OR) Dave Cannard

3b. Optimist Pacific NW Champs July 26-28 (Cascade Locks, OR) Dave Cannard

4. Bellingham Youth Regatta Aug 10-11 (Bellingham, WA) Scott Wilson

5. Junior Olympics Aug 24-25 (Seattle, WA) Brian Ledbetter

6. JAM September 7-8 (Port Madison, WA) Stephanie Ahlquist

7. Octoberfest September 29-30 (Sail Sand Point) Morgan Collins


Stewart Opti Clinic

2012 Northwest Youth Racing Circuit Results